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The Project of Economics Instructed by English in Hunan University.

In order to attract more high-quality overseas students, ourschool optimizes resources and increases more English-instructed courses.On thebasis of undertaking the project of Computer Science instructed by Englishwell, we inovate bravely, integrating the staff of College of Economics andTrade, College of Accounting, College of Finance and else.We declared thepostgraduate class project of Economics instructed by English and won approvalin March, 2009. We began to recruit students from May, 2009. There are fifteenmaster students and doctor students now. Our teaching targets are undertakentogether by several dapartments of Economics College, from which overseasstudents can choose their supervisor. By this way, the propotion of degreestudents has been increased.It’s the same with the propotion of master anddoctor students, with the postgraduate covering seventy percent. The number ofthe countries the students come from has increased from thirty to ninty.

Cultivating Orientationof Economics Postgraduate of Hunan University

Majors for MasterPrograms of Economics :

Program of Theoretical Economics: Theory and Policy of Macro-Economics;Property right, System and Economic Development; Modern Corporate Theory; Resouces,Environment and Sustainable Development; History of Chinese Economic Thoughts; Globalizationand Economic Develoment of the World.

Program of Apllied Economics: International Trade and EcomonicGrowth; Systematic Project of International Trade; Emerging Industry and Monopoly Industry; RegionalPlanning and Development; Performance and Policy of Macro-Economics.

Program of National EconomicsManagement of National Economics; InvestmentEconomics and Management; EconomicProjection and Policy-Making; Economic Cycle Analysis; Economic Development Planning.

Program of PublicFinance: Theory and Practice of Public Finance; Tax Theory and Policy;Operation and Management of State Capital; Theory and Policy of Govermental Investment;Government FinancialManagement and Accounting; Tax Planning Theory and Practice

Program of Finance: Financial Control, Supervisionand Management; Financial Management and Project; Financial Market and CorporateFinance; International Finance and ComparativeFinance; Risk Management and Insurance; Actuarial Theory and Practice

Program of Statistics: Risk Managementand Financial Statistics; Mmacroeconomic Statistics; Market Survey and BusinessStatistics; Applied Mathematical Statistics; Information management and Data Mining; Econometrical Model

Programof Quantitative Economics: Mathematical Finance and Quantitative Finance; Econometric Model;Game Theory and Information Economics; Economic Optimization Methods; Economic-ControllingMethods.

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