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Notice to New Overseas Students of Hunan University

Notice to New Overseas Students of Hunan University

1.      If you don’t have a Chinese name, please try to find yourself a Chinese name and write it down on the Admission Notice. You will have to use your Chinese name in the university, so please remember your Chinese name.

2.      You should go to the local Chinese embassy to apply for a visa to enterChina. For details, read Visa and Residence Permit for New Overseas Students for details.

3.      New students should pay tuition fees during the registration period. Otherwise you can not apply for the Residence Permit.

4.      New students should register according to the dates on the admission notice. Try not to be ahead or late of schedule. Some problems may be caused by coming too early: the apartment has not arranged enough rooms, the FSAO is still on holiday and not able to accept registration. The most possible thing is that because of early entrance, the validity time of your visa is not enough for your study. There will be unnecessary troubles for you.

Documents needed for registration:

A.    Admission Notice;                   B. Valid Passport;                   

C. Four passport-sized photos (white background, with your passport name and nationality on the back of each);

D. Original Visa Application for Study inChina(JW202 or JW201 Form);

E. Accommodation Registration Form For Foreign Nationals and phone number.

5.      If you can not register on time, you should contact Overseas Students Office beforehand and fax a letter to +86-731-88823130. You can only ask for leave for no longer than two weeks. If you do not ask for leave and fail to register within the first two weeks, your study will be cancelled.

6.      Address of Center of International Studies: De Zhi Yuan Overseas Students Dormitory, Zuo Jia Long, Yuelu Mountain, Changsha, Hunan Province

From Huanghua Airport to HNU:

a.      Take Airport Bus and get off at Minhang Hotel, RMB 16, then take a taxi, around RMB 25.

b.      Take a taxi, around RMB 120.

 From Changsha Railway Station to HNU: a. Take a taxi, around RMB 25. b. Take Lishan Bus and get off at Zuo Jia Long stop, RMB 2.  c. Take No. 1 City Tour Bus and get off at Zuo Jia Long stop, RMB 2.

 From High Speed Railway Station to HNU: Take Subway and get off at Rong Wan Zhen stop, around RMB 5, then take Bus 305 and get off at Zuo Jia Long stop, RMB 1.

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