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Chinese Language Mobile

Teaching language Chinese
Degree Non-degree
Duration 1 semester
Start date March , 2018
Tuition fee CNY7500/S
Application fee 400 (RMB) / 70 (USD)
  • Course Overview
  • Program advantages
  • How to apply
  • It is meant to provide a good opportunity for groups of overseas students and visitors to promote their understanding of Chinese language & culture and to experience the on-going reforms and great changes in China.

  • This program aims to provide an opportunity for the international students to study Mandarin, learn Chinese Culture and to have better understanding of China.

    1) communicate in Chinese with simple and brief, fairly fluent, and sort of sophisticated

    Chinese expressions accordingly;

    (2) understand simple, special, and standard basic daily conversations in Chinese accordingly;

    (3) grasp the gist of basic Chinese character structural formation and stroke orders;

    (4) grasp the gist of basic Chinese pronunciation and grammar, sound right and use grammar

    in an acceptable way;

  • >Step 1

    Submit Application Documents: prepare necessary documents and upload in CISS. 

    >Step 2

    Pay Application Fee: Application Fee can be paid online or ask your customer service executive for guidance.

    >Step 3

    Qualification Verification: CISS customer service executive will contact you immediately when receive the files, please pay attention to your e-mail or your CISS.

    >Step 4

    Admission Letter: the admission letter will be normally sent out within 10 working days after all documents are prepared well.

    JW202 Form: usually come out within one month after students get admitted.

    >Step 5

    Visa Application:

    > For those who applied for long term study (more than 6 months), students can apply for X visa with the admission letter and JW202 form.

    > For those who applied for short term study (less than 6 months), students are suggested to apply for L visa with the admission letter.

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