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Anti-Japanese War Archives Exhibition Held in HNU



On June 9, the International Day of Archives, Hunan University (HNU) and the Hunan Provincial Archives co-held the Archives Exhibition of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of Anti-Japanese War at HNU’s Dongfanghong Square, in memory of the martyrs and the victims during the war.


Hunan University came through the eight-year anti-Japanese War as a victim and also a witness of the great victory at the end. The university was once destroyed in bombs and had to move to Chenxi in western Hunan during the war. In September 15, 1945, a ceremony marking Japan’s unconditional surrender in the fourth battlefield in China was held at the former Science & Technology Building (present the Office Building) of the university.



The exhibition is divided into three parts, including Japanese army's atrocities, brave Hunanese, and anti-Japanese heroes, to fully display Hunan people's contributions to the Anti-Japanese War. It will help to carry forward the bravery and patriotism of the martyrs among the staffs and student, to call for engraving the history in mind and cherishing peaceful era.


International Archives Day



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