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Traditional Chinese Culture Spread in New Media Era


Traditional Chinese Culture Spread in New Media Era


It is a focused topic among modern scholars and journalistic circles on how to spread the ancient Chinese civilization in a precise way and in a wide range, and how to give hundreds of millions of Chinese netizens a direct experience of the thousand-of-year old cultural classics and ideologies of the Chinese nationality through internet in this new media era.

On August 6, guoxue.ifeng.com, jointly established by Yuelu Academy and ifeng.com, was officially put online in Changsha. It is the first specialized channel named with “guoxue (ancient Chinese civilization)” among kinds of Chinese web portals in the “Internet plus” era.

As a main column of ifeng.com, guoxue.ifeng.com/  targets at carrying forward traditional Chinese culture. Integrating academic, easy-to-understand, interesting and contemporary features, it is not restricted with the professional partition of philosophy and literature or Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, but targets all netizens keen on traditional Chinese culture and those professionals doing research on and spreading traditional Chinese culture. It is expected to be a public platform for both displaying the ancient Chinese civilization studies and letting the public understand and learn from traditional Chinese culture.

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