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HNU Designs Landmark Architecture in Xiangxi



Shejiang Tower, a landscape project designed by HNU School of Design, recently passed the completion evaluation.

The tower, also named Qiusuo Tower, is located on Yuanshui River bank. The whole project covers a total area of 13,800 square meters, with the main tower occupying 3,786 square meters. This five-story tower is 31.88 meters high, composing of winding corridors, sightseeing pavilions, interlaced beams, and double eave Xieshan-style roofs.

The project is led by Song Lixin, director of the HNU Urban Image Design Research Center. Upon completion, it has become a landmark of the county, and was selected as one of the most beautiful architectures in Xiangxi in an online voting organized by the Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture Government. Licenced as a 3A tourism attraction and striving for a 4A class licence, it has been bracketed with famous Du Fu Pavilion in Changsha.  
The project took 7 years, with a total investment of 60 million yuan. Doctoral student Zhou Min and some graduate students of the school participated in the project.

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