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University All-in-Card

1.  Brief Introduction to All-in-card and its service center

All-in-Card system consists of All-in-Card Central Platform, Campus Card and all kinds of payment and ID service system. All-in-Card currently provide two functions: electronic payment and electronic identity verification such as dinning service, library service, entry and exit of electronic doors.

All services including opening new account, making-up service, recoverying service are provided in the certer except for recharging service. Service Location: South Campus--- Business Hall in the first floor of Information Construction and Management Building; North Campus: Room 206 of Comprehensive Office Building. Service is provided from Monday to Friday except Friday afternoon and legal holidays because of finance settlement.(Recharging service is provided in the University canteens during meal time). Service website: http://ecard.hnu.cn Or http://its-diy.hnu.edu.cn

2.  Open New Account

3.  Change Card and Make-up Service

Changing or Make-up Service in the Campus Card Service Center is needed when card is damaged or lost. This service can not be done by agents and valid identity certificates must be presented(such as ID card, student ID or Passport)

3.  Loss Report and Cancel Report

Loss Report can ben done on the website of All-in-Card website by entering student number/campus card number and enquiry code. Or it can be done in the Card Service Center by presenting valid ID certificates(such as ID card, student ID or Passport)

4.  Recharging Service

There is a cash-recharging window in every university canteen, cash-recharging can be done during breakfast, lunch and supper time.

5.  Code Management

Campus card has two codes: enquiry code and payment code. Enquiry code is used to log on the All-in-Card Enquiry website or loss report. Payment code is usded when a single payment is over the payment limit. Original code is the last six digits of ID card or “888888”. Enquiry code can be modified on website, touching screen or unattended payment terminal. Payment code can be modified on unattended payment terminal or go to do modification in Card Service Center. To protect the information safty of the money, please modify the code as soon as you get the card.

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