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Association and Activities

I. Students’ Associations


The Union of Hunan University Student Associations is a self-governing organization for students’ various associations in Hunan University. Under the guidance of Youth League Committee of the university, the Union is in charge of the management, coordination and supervision of all students’ associations and their activities, acting as a bridge for communication between the university and the associations. As for the management of associations, according to the actual situation of associations in Hunan University, the Union divides associations of the south campus into the following six categories: literature and art, culture, academic research, social science, sports, and public welfare, and divides that of the north campus into two categories: social science and public welfare, literature and art and sports; each category is under the charge of a deputy chairman respectively. On the basis of coordination of the Union, activities of all associations are in perfect order.


II. Extracurricular Activities


Hunan  University arranges various entertainment and sports activities, visits, and tours for international students. The colleges also organize many extracurricular activities for their students. With the approval from the International Student Center of Hunan University, students can organize activities by themselves but within the scope permitted by Chinese Laws and Regulations and shall be subject to the leadership and management of the university. The large-scale annual activities including the Orientation Education, New Year Party, International Feast, Cultural Exploration Tour, Graduation Party for International Students, and Chinese New Year Gathering are held each year.


III. Social Practice, Internship and Employment


With a long history of education, Hunan University has a tradition of cultural quality education. According to the university’s training program for students, four credits are set for extracurricular practice activities to work with the classroom teaching. International students can also participate in the social practice organized by the colleges.

To help international students know more aboutChinaand experience the rapid development ofChina’s economy, the International Students  Center of the university takes advantage of various resources and has established cooperative ties with many universities and enterprises, offering internship and employment chances for international students. This helps to equip those companies with international talents to further develop their overseas market. Meanwhile, the international students can put what they have learned into practice and easier to integrate into the Chinese culture and local community. In recent years some large cooperative enterprises, including Sany Heavy Industry Company, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co. Ltd., Huawei Technology Co. Ltd., and China South Railway, has offered tailored internship programs for international students of the university.

Hunan University has a Graduate Career  Center, which has built a system of employment market service, which achieves the integration of training, management and service. It offers vocational counseling service and works as a link between enterprises and the university. 

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