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The 7th National Structure Design Contest for College Students Held in Hunan University


On November 30, students from 96 well-known universities at home and abroad including Tsinghua University, Tongji University and special invited University of Southern California gathered in Hunan University to participate in the Seventh National Structure Design Contest. The students designed and produced creative bamboo stilts and run on them to compete for the most stable and convenient one.

The theme of the contest was to design and make a pair of bamboo-structured stilt model. The models were about 30 center meters high and in various creative shapes such as inverted triangle and trapezoid. The contest consisted of three sections: making defense statement, weighing the static load-bearing of the stilts and racing around marks. Every participator was required to walk or run on the stilts model made by his team, cross the balk boards in the racing track and pass the finishing line before the model collapses.

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