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International Cooperation

We have established cooperation with approximate 100 universities in over 30 countries and areas and carried out exchange and cooperation in mutual academic visit, scientific research cooperation, academic information and so on. Hunan University now has hundreds of international students from more than 40 nations studying academic or language programs.

We have many kinds of teaching methods for international students, such as interschool exchange, “2+2” and “3+1” joint programs, and many of these kinds.

I. Student Exchange
1. Student exchange in mutually agreed area(s) for a period ranging from 1month to 1 year;
2. The students pay tuition in their home university and the hosting side waivers tuition;
3. The students (or China Scholarship Council) pay their international travel, lodging, living expenses and insurance;

4. Both sides recognizes the credits the exchange students get on each other's campus.

II. China's Top University Students Program
1. Quota of Students: 64 a year;
2. Categories of Students: Combined master and Ph. D. students, Ph. D. students, visiting Ph. D. students (for a period of 1 year);
3. The hosting side waivers tuition;
4. China Scholarship Council pays international travel, lodging, living expenses and insurance.

III. Faculty Exchange
1. Faculty exchange in mutually agreed area(s) for a period ranging from 1month to 1 year;
2. Exchange faculty members pay their international travel and the hosting side offer lodging and living expenses etc., to be arranged according to specific programs;

IV. Joint Education Programs
1. Mutual recognition and transference of credits;
2. Forms: "2+2" and "3+1" for undergraduate students, and "1+1", "1+1.5" or "1+2" for graduate students;
3. Diploma and Degree: dual diploma and degree if requirements of both sides are satisfied.

V. Joint Research
Professors of both sides collaborate in interested areas and programs and jointly apply for national and international programs and funding.

VI. Joint Sponsoring of International Conferences and Seminars
Both sides jointly sponsor and organize international conferences and seminars on issues of mutual concern regularly or irregularly.

VII. Short-term Training
We offer tailor-made short-term professional training, Chinese Language training and cultural exposure programs for foreign citizens and students, the details to be discussed and agreed upon prior to the implementation of the programs.

VIII. Others
Other mutually interested programs are to be arranged within the framework of cooperative agreements and to be agreed upon through discussions.

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